What is ServeNebraska?

What is ServeNebraska?

ServeNebraska, the Nebraska Volunteer Service Commission coordinates and supports community involvement by Nebraskans that address the needs of our communities. We coordinate AmeriCorps programming, celebrate volunteer achievements through quarterly and annual Awards, provide training and technical assistance, and work to ensure that those with disabilities are fully involved.

ServeNebraska Fact Sheet


Mobilizing Nebraskans to strengthen their communities through volunteering, collaboration, and national service programs.

Our Values

Underlying organizational values define the attitude of ServeNebraska in implementing its mission and serving our state.  Our core values in guiding us include:

  • Excellence ~ Pursuing the highest standards of performance in all endeavors through a spirit of continual improvement
  • Responsiveness ~ Creatively exploring and embracing dynamic approaches to addressing current and emerging societal challenges
  • Inclusiveness ~ Striving to involve and engage interested parties from all sectors of the state
  • Collaboration ~ Involving complementary parties in mutually beneficial relationships
  • Efficiency ~ Operating in a way that produces the greatest return for the least output of resources
  • Integrity ~ Conducting all activities in accord with the highest ethical and moral standards

Our History

In 1994, Governor Ben Nelson signed Executive Order No. 94-5 establishing the Nebraska Commission for National and Community Service, in accordance with the federal National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993. The Commission’s name has changed twice since then – to the Nebraska Volunteer Service Commission (1999) and to ServeNebraska (a new operating name in 2008). The ServeNebraska Commission is composed of up to 25 voting volunteer members appointed by the Governor creating a commission of non-partisan, diverse citizens reflecting Nebraska’s unique identity.