Garfield County Frontier Fairgrounds Spring Clean

Garfield County Frontier Fairgrounds Spring Clean

Contact Info:

Ronda Weber
Board of Directors
82379 468TH AVE
BURWELL, NE 68823-8812
Opportunity Type:
Civic Engagement

The Garfield County Frontier Fairgrounds is home to thousands of visitors each year.  With it's sprawling facilities and structures that are listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, there is always plenty to do.  The Garfield County Frontier Fairgrounds and Nebraska's Big Rodeo are run entirely by volunteers who are proud of the area, the Western lifestyle that these events promote, and the youth activities that they support.  

Some volunteer efforts that are needed are:
mowing & weedeating
minor carpentry repairs
roofing repairs
trash pickup
tree removal
general clean-up

Volunteers can always contact a director for guidance in getting started with volunteer efforts or stop by for an hour of work anytime!  All help to maintain this wonderful facility is appreciated!